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Prepare for Your Interview

Prepare for Your Interview

A few tips to help you get ready

What You Should Know

What You Should Know

During interviews, we’re looking for more than a résumé. It’s the whole of you that’s important. Whether you’re still finishing your education or have years of experience, your unique talents and perspective can make our global consulting team stronger.

Here are a few tips when you’re ready to take the next step.

Beyond the Bio

Keith Bevans, partner and global head of consultant recruiting, dives deeper into the stories of some extraordinary Bain people, from their perspectives.

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Keith Bevans, our head of consultant recruiting, discusses what we look for during interviews.

What We Look For

  1. Problem-Solving Skills

    Can you demonstrate an ability to frame complex problems and think creatively to find pragmatic solutions for our clients? We want people who see the world differently and can help us do the same.

  2. The Ability to Lead

    Can you lead and contribute to teams, and also guide leaders through change? It’s important to highlight how you’ve been a leader in past experiences, whether at work, in school or through your extracurricular activities.

  3. Results Delivery

    We have a proud legacy of achieving results that have a positive, measurable impact on our clients’ objectives and reputations. We want to hear how you've made an instrumental and quantifiable difference to an organization, project or team's success.

  4. Passion

    Are you enthusiastic about life? Do you have an entrepreneurial drive? Can you inspire others? We’re looking for people who challenges themselves to be exceptional and can champion that spirit in others.

Types of Interviews

Types of Interviews

Our different interviews are designed to stimulate productive discussions and help us get a better sense of you. The type and number will vary depending on office.

Case Interview

Case interviews are open conversations around real issues facing our clients. They give us a chance to see how you approach problems and think through questions while you become familiar with our work.
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Experience Interview

Experience interviews are similar to a traditional job interview. They’re a chance for us to hear about your accomplishments, understand your motivations and learn more about your interest in Bain and consulting.
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Written Case Interview

Used in some offices, the written case interviews are a more in-depth extension of case interviews. You’ll receive the key questions and facts about the case, along with some time to prepare, before you meet with your interviewer.
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